Here at Hooked On Code, we have an internal policy about the importance of backing up a website on a hosting level. Our team is required to back up a site before AND after any work performed on any sites.

When to Make a Backup:

  • Before making edits: This ensures we have a good place to revert to if needed and protects the work of others working on the site. 
  • After edits: This protects your work from anyone else's mistakes.

Note: WPEngine will automatically make a daily backup to your site. 

When to Restore: 

  • When it's quicker to start over than figure out what went wrong.
  • If an update breaks the site in any way
  • If you accidentally delete something like a section on a page. 

Here is how to do that:

If you need help, WPEngine support is amazing and can quickly help walk you through the backup/restore process.

You can find them in the chat bubble (lower right corner) or via phone.

WPEngine Support

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US: (512) 729-5955

UK: +44 808 501 5896

AU: +61 1800 531 749

Sales: +1 877-973-6446